Top Ten

Places: (in no order) my room
2. eugene OR
3. Saskia's house
4. the "hobo" park
5. under my down comforter
6. florance OR
7. seatle
8. the movie theater
9. flicks and pics (the video store near my house)
10. Swingseat at the park near saskia's house

(no subject)

1. Put MP3 player (or whatever) on shuffle.
2. Take the first 10 songs.
3. Add "in my pants."
4. Post your list.

1. Feburary Stars In my pants
2. So Much I in my pants
3. Strawberry Feilds Forever in my pants
4. live forever in my pants
5. Take off your clothes in my pants
6. norwegian wood in my pants ---hahaha
7. Villian in my pants
8. Chain reaction in my pants
9. days of wonder in my pants
10. Where is my mind in my pants

sound track

Track one: Vetical Horizon - Best I ever had
Track two: Ugly Casanova - things I dont remember
Track three: Sonic youth - turquoise boy
Track Four: The shins - fighting in a sack
Track five - The Postal Service - Brand new colony
Track six: Of Montreal - Wraith Pinned to the mist and other games.
Track seven: The new radicals - I hope I didnt just give away the ending
Track eight: Neutral Milk Hotel - Holland 1945
Track nine: iron and wine - The Trapeze swinger
Track ten: The Frames - Finally

Top ten: Bands

This isnt really in any order because it is really hard for me to order my favorite bands. 0.0

1. Metric
2. Flogging Molly
3. Placebo
4. Snow patrol
5. The Shins
6. The decemeberists
7. Oasis
8. the frames
9. Neutral Milk Hotel
10. Iron and wine